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The Citrus or D'Limonene products have truly bridged the gap between user and environmentally friendly and product performance. The Citrus products are not only effective -- they are powerfully effective! These products have been offered commercially for several years. However, it is only recently that the consumer has become aware of these products through mostly infomercials.

DirectChemTM has achieved two goals -- bringing these products to the commercial market at substantial savings and providing a diverse product list of D'Limonene products. For the consumer or smaller business user you can now take advantage of the product diversification, money savings, and the excellent results achieved through these products. For instance, the orange degreaser can handle heavy duty cleaning such as tar removal and engine degreasing without the fumes and burning associated with harsh and caustic chemicals. This product also can be used with your normal cleaning solutions at 1-2 oz. per gallon to pump up the cleaning ability while maintaining a pleasant fragrance. The oil in D'Limonene will also leave the surface shinier as well as cleaner. We have several commercial cleaning companies adding it this way to their normal cleaning solution and achieving far better results. Comments include removal of salt stains in foyers instantly while, prior to adding the D'Limonene, the solution would not pick up these stains. At the same time leaving the surface with a finished shine. The Citra Wipe product line is D'Limonene based and blended with renewable resources to provide a powerful product designed to address many maintenance scenarios and a wide variety of surfaces. The Ultra Citra Wipe is presently being used to degrease engines at a 16:1 blend ratio. The user's prior degreaser concentrate did not perform as well with a 2:1 blend ratio. All the while being non-flammable, non-hazardous, and pleasant smelling. The diverse product line provides blended products that are D'Limonene based to effectively address several different areas of maintenance. It is time that you discover the power and user friendliness of D'Limonene products.

These products have been successfully used in the restaurant, maintenance, and industrial sector for approximately 20 years. The bottom line is that in the last five years these products have been enhanced to the point where their performance levels far exceed those of prior years. The blends can now be customized to specifically address different areas of grease and waste. These products are obviously environmentally friendly, bio-degradeable and non-caustic while, at the same time, delivering continuous cleaning action. In other words, the Bio Enzymatic cultures continue to source out and digest waste causing odors long after the application is complete. This leads to an ongoing cleaning scenario that when used on a consistent basis achieves unparalleled results. Whether you are directly applying powdered or liquid bacterial enzymes to drains and grease traps or using blended products for general cleaning the bacterial cultures will continue to multiply. This provides extended cleaning action and digestive sourcing out of odors and waste long after the application is complete. These products provide the ultimate in product performance and environmental responsibility.

In this section we are providing products that are environmentally responsible and highly effective while being versatile. We offer the ultra concentrated products for the hands on user to achieve tremendous savings while offering products that are multi-functional. The Ultra Glisten Glass in multifunctional while costing pennies per gallon in the ready to use formulation. The Ultra Non-Acid Cleaner also provides economy, versatility, and environmental friendliness. The Non-acid and Citrus products will not kill or disrupt the bacterial activity of the bio-enzymatic cleaners and digesters. Our objective is to achieve performance with minimal products and overall economy.

In this section we can make available to big and small the most sophisticated precision electronics cleaners available today. Whether cleaning the delicate circuits of electronics or maintaining the outer hardware the results are well worth the effort. The idea is to maintain equipment as if it were bought that day. Folks, these products work and they are needed to maintain and protect your investment. Whether you are a commercial electrician or are a small service company you can benefit from product availability and discount pricing.

Our parent company Zircon Industries has distinguished itself in the field of specialty chemical blending. We have chosen a few of our products and will add more in the future. These products are obviously very specific in their application area. These products are clearly performance oriented and come with a 30 year track record of success. If you have a specific problem area that needs to be addressed as a specialty area, please e-mail us any and all information so that we can respond with the appropriate custom blended product.

The emphasis of the accessories section is to compliment the product presentation. As in the case of the ultra concentrated products the proportioning or blending products allow the user to set up a station to maximize economy and minimize shelf space. In the case of the automated dispensers for the bacterial enzyme liquid products to be dispensed into drains and grease traps; the objective is to automate to maintain consistency of application and take the potential of human error out of the scenario. In both of these examples above the products allow the user to create more consistency, organization, and big savings.

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